Tips for completing scoresheets

1. Please record all the player’s positions for every quarter. Mark a dash for off the court.
2. Record team centre passes at the start of each quarter and after each goal.
3. During grading period record goals scored with an I and goal attempts with a ●. After grading is completed, goals only need to be recorded.
4. If an error is made then place a cross (X) over marked goal (I) to denote it is not counted.
5. Only record the actual goals on the progressive goal score and total the goals at the end of each quarter.
6. Scorers should clearly write any missing player names on the front of the sheet.
7. When a player does not play, draw a line through the positions only. Do not cross out their name. If a player leaves the team permanently for the rest of the season, write delete next to their name.
8. If a New Player is to be added to the team list, NV registration must be purchased online and the receipt produced at the Admin office before taking the court for the player’s first match. The new player may be added to a Club or Team list on the front of the score sheet and the following details must be recorded on the back of the score sheet: full name & date of birth. Only single entity teams may use registered players from other Associations to make the team number up to 7 players. Details must be recorded on the rear of the score sheet.
9. If the player is playing up from another team from a lower grade, please record their name on the front of the score sheet and on the back of the sheet include the player’s usual team name and grade along with the player’s name and date of birth and reason for playing up.
10. A player who has purchased a Single Game voucher online via mynetball prior to playing must have their name recorded on the front and name and voucher number recorded on the rear.
11. It is the first-named team’s responsibility to score the game and the second-named team to check the score. The first named team will have the centre pass and the second named team will have choice of ends.
12. Each team must provide a non-participating scorer who is over 16 years of age for all games.
13. The scorers must stand together for the duration of the game on the sideline level with the centre circle.
14. Signing the scoresheet – At the game’s conclusion, to indicate everyone’s satisfaction that the information on the official scoresheet is correct, the official scoresheet is to be signed by the scorers. The umpires only sign the score sheet to state they have officiated that game and they will return the score sheet to Administration.
15. Incomplete or Incorrect Scoresheet Penalty: A 2-point penalty will apply to a team, who, having received ONE warning for an incomplete score sheet, offends for the second time, and on each occasion after that. An example of a correct score sheet is in each folder, and it is the team’s/club’s responsibility to inform their team managers/scorers regarding this requirement.
16. If a scorer, team or club believes the score sheet is incorrect; i.e. either score is incorrect or the game played outside of the bylaws, they must not sign it and follow the grievance procedures to protest.
A team wishing to protest must at the conclusion of the game: –
* Not sign the official scoresheet and
* Notify the opposing team and the Executive Committee of the intention to protest.
* Lodge the protest in writing with the Association Secretary within 48 hours of the game being played.
The SDNA Board will advise the result of the protest and this decision shall be final.

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