SDNA Rep Player Expectations

The following are guidelines only for the 2021 Rep Program. These will be finalised and form part of the acceptance of a position in the program:

  • Athletes selected for the SDNA Rep Program in 13s, 15s, 17s and Open must be available to play at Waverley Netball Centre, Jells Park and attend all tournaments throughout the year.
  • 13s and 15s play on Thursdays and 17s and Open on Wednesdays. Tournaments are played on Sunday and a calendar will be advised as early as possible. We are uncertain at this stage, post COVID what the tournament calendar will look like.
  • U11s are usually tournament teams, training every week and then participating in around 6 tournaments through the year. Given the uncertainty about tournaments under COVID restrictions, at this stage we will commit to the creation of an U11 development program, training each week.
  • Athletes are expected to attend a team bonding and fitness camp to be held on January 21 – 23, 2021. In the past this camp has been held off-site, but for 2021, the camp will be on-site at Thomas St, with the time tabling to be made available once our understanding of continued restrictions is better known.
  • Athletes are expected to represent SDNA proudly, respecting all SDNA staff and volunteers, all coaches, officials, teammates and opposition at all times.
  • Athletes are expected to play and train all season. Any extended absence should be notified up front as a sign of respect for the team and the program.
  • Training sessions will sometimes take place during the school holidays and on the Monday evening of a public holiday. Training on these public holidays is seen as important as the teams will be playing that week, with non-attendance likely to impact on a player’s game time in that week’s game, as per the SDNA Rep Player Attendance Policy. Training during the school holidays is squad training, offered to allow those players who are not away to continue training. Attendance is preferred, but non-attendance will not impact game time.  

SDNA reserves the right to utilise the first 4 weeks of a new season before finalising team placement. Any proposed move will be endorsed by a Rep Selection Committee before a discussion is held with the athlete, a guardian (where they are U18 years of age), the current coach and the head coach.