SANDY Rep Eligibility

Athletes wishing to trial for the SANDY Rep program must have played in a club team at SANDY in 2020, or provide proof of intent to play for a club team in the 2021 season, and register to trial by the due date.

Athletes must currently reside in, attend a school in the or provide proof of move into the SANDY geographic boundary to be eligible to trial. 

Athletes new to the Rep Program must attend at least two (2) trial dates.

Athletes currently in the SANDY Rep Program need to re-trial and must attend at least 1 trial date.

Athletes unable to attend any trial dates must notify SANDY prior to selections, submitting their written apology, explaining their absence.  The selectors will take such advice into consideration on a case by case basis.

Athletes currently in the SANDY rep program who are non-financial will be unable to trial for rep without approval from the SANDY Executive Committee prior to selections. An athlete may wish to trial outside of his/her age group, but must accept that they may not be successful.  The athlete may also consider trialling in both their correct age and the older age group, with individual applications required for each.